Selling Products To The VA In Times Of Crises

That might seem a bit strange with all the discussion of a the US Healthcare system going into a tailspin due to Covid-19 and the potential for other pandemics in the fall. But when I step back and look at the

Veterans Healthcare Network the largest and best funded healthcare system in the country I see growth opportunities and ways to assist our veterans. With elective surgeries ramping up at a snails pace in the private sector.

Community hospitals hemorrhaging money every day and taking out government loans the VAs remain well funded and getting ready to begin elective surgery soon depending on the region it is in.

The VA Cares Act gave many Veterans a choice of where they can receive their healthcare care. However in my opinion will be waiting longer at community hospitals for procedures and general medical care .

Not because they are veterans but because those community hospitals have obligations to their contracted insurance companies. Plus slow payment issues will prompt Hospitals to make decisions on who to treat first.

Therefore veterans will be returning back to the VA Medical System for their care where they can get it faster. That is a significant paradigm shift that one would not have expected considering the issues surrounding veterans access to care several years ago. However the VA has made vast improvements in getting patients in the system faster, seeing there doctors quicker and if needed scheduling surgery.

What should healthcare manufacturers of all sizes especially small & medium sizes do now. Have a government sales strategy and place a focus on your VA Medical Centers and Military Medical centers now. These Federal Markets  could provide your enterprise with a sales channel today that can get your company thru this sales void at community hospitals. Then when things get back to the new normal you will have another sales channel in place alongside your civilian accounts. At a minimum reach out to me at GOVHUB to see what your options for opportunities may be.

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